How To Install Pixel

Created on 16 May, 2021How To • 1,516 views

The first step towards boosting conversion rates is to add RealNotifier pixel code to your website and / or landing pages. Make sure you include the RealNotifier pixel on every page you’d like to capture data from or display notifications on.

Step 1

Once logged in to your RealNotifier account, click on Create Campaign button, it'll open Create Campaign popup.

Step 2

Enter your website name and domain name then click on Create button.

Step 3

Click on "Copy Pixel" button to copy your pixel code to clipboard.

Step 4

Paste the code you have copied before the closing of tag of your website.

In case you need help installing pixels on your website drop us an email at

With your website's FTP access.

Step 5

Once installed, clear the cache of your website and visit your site in a few different browsers. Then refresh your campaign page, you can notice "Pixel Installed" below Install Script button, It means you had successfully installed pixel code in to your website: